Academic Ghostwriting

While ghostwriting as a service is widespread, few are aware that academic ghostwriting is one of the most challenging variants of the discipline. But exactly what services does an academic ghostwriter offer?

Academic Ghostwriting
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The word "ghostwriter" is formed from two others: the noun "ghost" and the verb "to write". The meaning of the term is exactly as it suggests - that a ghost is doing the writing. In practice, this means that a person is commissioned to write texts, but stays “behind the scenes” in their role as an author and does not publicly declare their involvement. The client can then use the completed text as they wish. The texts a ghostwriter is asked to create can vary widely, from single articles to entire novels. Academic ghostwriting is a special form of ghostwriting, with the "academic" qualifier referring to the way the text is written.

What Distinguishes Academic Ghostwriting From Other Forms of Ghostwriting?

Academic ghostwriting differs from other variants on account of the sophistication and complexity of the content. As the name suggests, this type of ghostwriting has academic or scientific topics as its focus. In most cases, the ghostwriter commissioned to produce the text will have a relevant qualification and the requisite specialist knowledge to produce a high-quality piece of writing. A typical business ghostwriter, for example, will often have completed a business economics degree. For scientific texts, certain standards must be adhered to and technical vocabulary used. All of this means that academic ghostwriting is not just about being able to work quickly and accurately - academic ghostwriters also require specialist knowledge and the ability to research, analyze and express information in scholarly language.

Academic Ghostwriting For Students

At one time or another during their degree program, all students are faced with the task of authoring an academic text. For those who feel overwhelmed by writing assignments, bachelors theses, masters theses or PhDs, academic ghostwriting can be valuable solution. In academic ghostwriting, the ghostwriter commissioned by the student writes a paper or thesis to serve as a template - a way for the student to get their bearings. Using this template, students gain a better idea of how to discuss their topic in an academic way. Academic ghostwriting for students can include several tasks: ghostwriters can be correct and edit already-completed work, support students in researching and structuring their work, or assume an advisory role in which they help students better understand the basic tenets of academic writing.

So long as the student does not attempt to pass off texts ghostwriter-written texts as their own, cooperation between the student and the ghostwriter is totally legal. What's more, the often-expressed angst regarding plagiarism in ghostwriting is - at least as far as academic ghostwriting is concerned - completely misplaced. A ghostwriter does not simply copy sources and literature without referencing them, but rather works in accordance with their clients' needs.

Services Provided By an Academic Ghostwriter - and the Benefits of Using One

However, ghostwriters can also provide academic texts for companies, government authorities, foundations and political parties. Their spectrum of services ranges from the creation of specialist articles, assessments, expert verdicts, reports and essays to the authoring of entire specialist books. Their work covers a highly diverse range of subjects including medicine, economics and agriculture; naturally, it's also possible to commission interdisciplinary texts. Alongside the authoring of scholarly texts, academic ghostwriting can also include the editing and translation of previously written content.

Academic ghostwriting enables students and other types of clients to save significant amounts of time. A person required to write an academic text to deadline can benefit from writing experience built up over several different projects, while students who find themselves easily discouraged or demotivated can benefit from a ghostwriter’s support and encouragement. For institutions and companies, academic ghostwriters aren't merely able to complete texts in a shorter time than employees - they also ensure that the work is of a very high quality.

Academic Ghostwriting on

The portal offers ghostwriting services for all types of texts. Here, companies and private individuals can find the ideal ghostwriter for their academic ghostwriting needs. All writers have been verified as experts by the portal. Since the title "academic ghostwriter" has no certifying professional body, potential clients can read samples of the ghostwriters' work on the site, enabling them to decide whether the style and specialist knowledge of a writer is sufficient to meet their requirements. Verified experts for any type of text can be sought out via an auction. Each expert gives their own quote for the job, enabling you to plan optimally according to your budget.

If your entry will be in connection with an examination, please clarify in advance with your chair, your university and/or school whether and to what extent you may obtain support. Please follow our guidelines. Entries that violate our guidelines will be removed without comment.
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