Plagiarism check

What is PlagScan? Plagiarism check

PlagScan is a professional software provider for plagiarism checks in science and companies. makes the service of PlagScan easily and freely accessible to you. So you can check your documents autonomous.

How does the plagiarism check work? Plagiarism check

The plagiarism scanner will check the document for passages which seem to be copied from other sources without any references.

If you want to use the plagiarism check for Non-members you just have to enter your email address and upload your document. Subsequent the test report will be sent to you via mail.

After successfully finding an expert using, a form will appear directly in the detail view of your entry. Here you can submit your final document to our plagiarism check. Select your document and confirm it with the submit button. Of course there is no limitation in the size of the document. Subsequently, you will receive a copy of the test report by e-mail as well as the expert you hired.

As a third option you can check the documents you received via the work desk view with one mouse click.

The markings in the document show you the passages which should be checked more precisely.

Can only members use the plagiarism check? Plagiarism check

No. If you are a non-member you can still use the plagiarism check but its limited to 3.000 words a day.

Why performing a plagiarism check? Plagiarism check

Primarily students sometimes forget to cite correctly. Quotation without correct references means that the work results of another person will be showed as yours. A plagiarism check helps you to identify passages which are not written on your own and correct your paper.

Which possibilities of the plagiarism check do I have as a member? Plagiarism check

As a client you can check your document with the plagiarism check. For each hired expert and contract you can check 5 documents without any word limitation. Clients find this feature in the work desk and the job description view. The report will send to you and the hired expert per email.

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