Should I hire only experts with many ratings? Ratings

If an expert has no or very few ratings, it doesn't mean that he is inevitably a bad expert. But it means also that he didn't get negative ratings either. Or that he doesn't work long enough on Writeree.com to collect ratings.

Is it possible to register again on Writeree.com in case of getting bad ratings? Ratings

Every expert is obliged to verify his account, so we can guarantee that there is just one account per person. Therefore, it isn't possible to simply register again with a new name after getting bad ratings for jobs. All ratings which you can see on the profile are all ratings the expert ever received on Writeree.com.

How does the rating system work? Ratings

After an auction ran out and an expert carried out your order you get the opportunity to rate the expert finally. In the detail view of your order you find the button "rating" next to the username of the expert. In this view you can rate your expert from one to five stars and add also some reasons for your decision.Please use for your ratings some criteria like punctuality, friendliness, order's scope etc. An overview of all experts which haven't been rated yet by you can be found on top in the menu "rating".

How can I prevent negative ratings? Ratings

Nobody wants to have negative ratings. Hence, we recommend you to keep before every auction and before every offer some guidelines in your mind. Best you think about the following questions before setting your offers:

  • Am I qualified enough for the desired topic?
  • Are all questions concerning the job settled before I set my offer or do I not know what will expect me?
  • Do I have enough time for this order or maybe do I have too many orders to carry out now?
  • Does the price fit to the amount of work?
  • Am I motivated to carry out this job like it is desired?

To work properly and satisfiable you should be able to give a positive answer to these questions in good conscience. If not, maybe you should check out other auctions which fit more to your interest and timetable.

It is also recommended agreeing with the client about intermediate steps. According to extent of the project you shouldn't only present the work on the last day, shortly before the deadline. Give your client the opportunity to look insight into your progress and your style and work clearly to avoid bad surprises in the end. In case your ideas deviate too far, you notice it directly and can solve the problem. If a text project is already completed, additional corrections cost substantially more time and nerve – on both sides.

What is a rating? Ratings

The rating contains a point value (1 - 5 stars) as well as a text comment.

Can I also rate members which I didn't hired or didn't get a job from? Ratings

No, that's not possible.

I got a rating which is negative or unjustified what can I do? Ratings

Should it come in spite of all to a negative rating, please contact your client and try to clear the discrepancies.

We, the Writeree.com Team, don't know the reasons which have led in a particular case to a negative rating, and we also cannot change this. All questions of the cooperation and the rating must be negotiated by the contracting partners directly.

Basically, Writeree.com doesn't delete or edit any rating comments! Unless, it contains e.g. insulting or racist contents.

Can I take a stand on negative or unjustified ratings? Ratings

In case there is a negative rating and no chance to reach an agreement with the client to change the rating, Writeree.com offers to publish a statement. This statement will be shown directly below the rating. In general all received ratings can be commented on. Please follow the "Comment now" button directly under your rating.

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