Verification for experts

I don't have a university degree can I still apply as a text expert? Verification for experts

A university degree is not the only way to get the expert verification. If you got enough experience in writing and dealing with upmarket texts you can also upload other documents which prove your skills.

Which qualifications do I need as an expert to accept orders? Verification for experts

To be commissioned you have to complete the process of verification and prove your experience in writing of academic or other qualitative texts with certificates.

Why is it necessary to do the verification for expert accounts? Verification for experts

The purpose of the verification is primarily to protect and secure all users of This process separates already serious prospective authors of "fun bidders". A community like can be based only on trust and on the security to know, with whom you are in contact. That security gives the clients trust in the offers which a proposed to them and finally to instruct you as an expert.

How to verify as an expert? Verification for experts

The verification is easy. After you registered successfully just follow the 5 verification steps you find under Dashboard > Verification and prove your identity and qualifications. In context of the verification we transfer two single- or double-digit cent amounts to your account. Only you and we know the exact amount. After getting the amount you insert it in your profile and confirm so that you are really the owner of the stated bank account.

Additional parts of the verification process are the proving of your identity as well as a working phone number.

The most important in your application is the proof of your qualification. If you want to know more about that check the according FAQ and help sites.

What does the verification cost? Verification for experts

The verification is free.

Do I need to do the verification if I want to place an order? Verification for experts

No. The verification is just necessary if you want to accept orders.

How long does the verification process take? Verification for experts

The duration of verification depends strongly on how fast we get all required documents and information. In order to do the verification quickly please attend that all given information are correct and complete and qualifications are proved convincingly.

Which proofs of qualification are accepted by Verification for experts

The easiest way is to upload a university degree and a work sample. If you do not have a degree yet you an also send actual work sample and an overview of your grades.If you didn't attend university but you got experience by ghostwriter-agencies, newspapers or other writing offices please send work samples. Basically it's important to see that you are experienced in dealing with high qualitative texts. The proof can be delivered in different ways. Every application is handled manually.

Are the documents provided for the verification public? Verification for experts

No, the uploaded documents will be used by our team only in terms of verification. They are not visible in your profile. There you can see only the indication of the degree e.g. academic or professional training.

How to verify my phone number? Verification for experts

The verification of the phone number happens through an automatic way. A message including a security code will be sent or a call will be automatically caused. will ask you for that code. The verification will be completed after some minutes.

For requesting the call or the message go to "My profile" and then to the button "Verify phone number". Please attend to insert in your profile a valid phone number in the right form /format (0049 30 123 123 123).

How does the verification of the identification document works? Verification for experts

The identification documents uploaded on will be checked by our team.

How long does the verification of the bank account take? Verification for experts

Usually we transfer the amounts for verification few days after you completed the verification form. Please attend that the transfer can also be retarded on behalf of the bank. If there are a lot of verification requests, it can take longer than usually.

There was no verification transfer to my bank account. Verification for experts

If there wasn't a small amount transferred to your bank account please check if there is the right IBAN/BIC inserted in your verification form. If you find a mistake, just send the form again. Of course, you can also contact directly our team.

What happens if I don't fill in the verification form entirely? Verification for experts

Please understand, that we can not process incomplete candidature.

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