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Deutsche Zusammenfassung + PowerPoint Präsentation (10-15 Minuten) eines englischen Journals, Umfang der deutschen Zusammenfassung 2 Seiten

Hallo Zusammen,

es muss eine deutsche Zusammenfassung + PowerPoint Präsentation (10-15 Minuten) eines englischen Journals erstellt werden,

Umfang der deutschen Zusammenfassung: 2 Seiten


  1. Abgabe des Journals bis zum 01.12.2019

Zeitschriften/Journalauswahl: (Können gerne zur Verfügung gestellt werden)

IEEE Intelligent Systems:

  • Extending Patient-Chatbot Experience with Internet-of-Things and Background Knowledge: Case Studies with Healthcare Applications (2019)
  • A Data-Analytics Approach for Enterprise Resilience (2019) Autonomous Intelligent Agents for Team Training (2019)
  • Supervised Learning for Fake News Detection (2019)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Rationality, and the World Wide Web (2018)
  • Emerging White-Collar Robotics: The Case of Watson Analytics (2017)
  • IoT Quality Control for Data and Application Needs (2017)
  • Challenges of Feature Selection for Big Data Analytics (2017)
  • Aspect-Based Extraction and Analysis of Affective Knowledge from Social Media Streams (2017)
  • Learning Geographical and Mobility Factors for Mobile Application Recommendation (2017)

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering:

  • A Survey of Multi-View Representation Learning (2019) A Study on Big Knowledge and Its Engineering Issues (2019)
  • A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Social Recommendation (2018)
  • Exploring Hierarchical Structures for Recommender Systems (2018)
  • Computing Semantic Similarity of Concepts in Knowledge Graphs (2017)
  • A Survey on Context Learning (2017)
  • A Quality-Sensitive Method for Learning from Crowds (2017)

Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management (EJKM)

  • Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Culture Dimensions – Does Job satisfaction Matter? (2019) Knowledge Creation in a Participatory Design Context: The use of Empathetic Participatory Design (2019)
  • The Entropic Knowledge Dynamics as a Driving Force of the Decision-Making Process (2018) Barriers and Enablers of Effective Knowledge Management: A Case in the Construction Sector (2017)
  • Best Fit KM: Linking Communities of Practice to an Innovation Strategy (2017)

Data and Knowledge Engineering

  • A Hybrid Semantic Knowledgebase-Machine Learning Approach for Opinion Mining (2019)
  • Learning process modeling phases from modeling interactions and eye tracking data (2019)
  • Concept detection using text exemplars aligned with a specialized ontology (2019)
  • The optimal feasible knowledge transfer path in a knowledge creation driven team (2019)

IEEE Transactions on Big DataBig Data for Cybersecurity:

  • Vulnerability Disclosure Trends and Dependencies (2019)
  • Context-Driven Granular Disclosure Control for Internet of Things Applications (2019)
  • On Scalable and Robust Truth Discovery in Big Data Social Media Sensing Applications (2019)
  • Towards Green Cloud Computing: Demand Allocation and Pricing Policies for Cloud Service Brokerage (2019)
  • Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Activities on a Social Network Incorporated Discussion Forum: A Case Study of DISboards (2018)
  • A Big Data-as-a-Service Framework - State-of-the-Art and Perspectives (2018)
  • Social Q&A: An Online Social Network Based Question and Answer System (2017)
  • A Machine Learning Based Framework for Verification and Validation of Massive Scale Image Data (2017)
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