Anyone who wants to have a text (in any discipline) written or corrected by experienced experts can create a writing job free of charge on this platform. Experts in the particular ara then bid, as with an auction, a non-binding offer for which price they would like to provide this service. This gives the employer the opportunity to easily compare all the offers submitted by experts, and to decide which of them should write their text.

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In principle everyone can use this platform. Texts are needed in all conceivable contexts - in school and university, in working days, and also in every conceivable other area. Everyone can set up a writing jobs free of charge. is used both by literary writers from the area of education (research and corrections, text formations within schools and universities) as well as by business people from the workplace (press texts, documentation, annual reports, presentations, etc.). It is also possible to create writings jobs for private purposes and to make offers for them.
On you can insert a writing job for free & without commitment and receive offers from verified text experts.
1Create a write job for free
2 Receive non-binding offers from verified experts
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