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In 2011, the company TenMedia was founded. Since then, it runs several own web portals, starting with Lass-andere-schreiben.de, the German version of writeree.com. The concept of both portals lays is bringing buyers and writers together to create and edit high-quality text work.

In addition to the passion of the founder for the beauty of text and language especially one experience lead to the foundation of Writeree.com. When talking to a writer friend in a café in Berlin, he had the core idea for his business: With a cup of tea in his hand, he learnt a specific difficulty. Slightly unsatisfied with his current professional situation, the writer was wondering, why no portal could be found, that demands and support quality, although the internet could be a space for any kind of content and text. Humbled by the experience that only few of his orders ask for his education and language skills, the writer remarks plenty of jobs on the one hand, while quality and price level decreased on the other hand. Which leads to much monotonous work for little money.

Indeed, at this particular time, hardly any agency or portal could be found, that was focusing on high-quality texts instead of copy and paste writing tasks. Most offers were, and still are, trying to generate as much text as possible, in mass production for as little money as possible. This leads to writers and authors working in the range of a few cents, selling their in-depth knowledge beneath standard.

This observation was the initial spark for the new web portal. Writeree.com wants to provide a platform for talented, qualified writers, where they are appreciated for their work and work for a fair price. Simultaneously, Writeree.com is a point of contact for buyers, that wish individual texts.


The internet offers new possibilities, which we want to make accessible for our target group. Thereby, unique texts stand in our main focus. For buyers this means more transparency, for writers variety, their own pricing policy, and a more individual approach.

Writeree.com already managed to bring together buyers, and contractors in this area. In the future, we want to gain more range and realise even more successful text projects. Also, Writeree.com wishes to provide more useful tools and features for the work itself in the near future.

The team behind Writeree.com is convinced, that the internet keeps on changing our working environment. With our work, we want to contribute. Every writer shall be given the opportunity, to use his talent, and abilities from any part of the world. Every writer shall find orders that meet his skills. Thereby, satisfaction arises for both parties.

Writeree.com is available for German speaking user via Lass-andere-schreiben.de.

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