Account and Confidentiality

  • Never share the access data to your account.
  • It can be max. one account created per person.
  • Handle information confidential which you receive from other users.

Behavior and Communication

  • Stay objective in messages. No insults, no defamations!
  • Never add personal information (name, address, telephone number, email etc.) to the messages.
  • Never include personal information in order descriptions.
  • Include personal information only in the designated fields.

Academic work

  • On entries can also be created which have an academic claim.
    • This does not mean that we allow to "trade" pieces of graded work.
    • If you are looking for support (advice, proofreading, editing) for an attainment, please check with your chair, your university or your contact at the university, how much help you are allowed to get! There are strict rules on what is permitted and what is not.
  • Academic ghostwriting is generally not permitted with us!
  • Entries which do not stick to our rules will be removed without further comment.


  • Please let us know immediately if...
    • You believe someone else has access to your account.
    • You find content on the portal that violates our policies.


  • Please rate members for after a cooperation.
  • Stay objective and fair!
  • Always give your experiences, regardless of possible "revenge evaluations".
  • We never delete any ratings that do not violate our policies or applicable law.


  • Never post content that
    • is protected by any copyright,
    • which violates legal provisions,
    • which contains advertising for external pages or profiles,
    • which contains spam,
    • which is in any way offensive or discriminatory..
  • Never include contact details in messages or fields that are not explicitly intended for this purpose.
  • Describe your entries detailed enough so that prospective contractors can get an overview of your requirements.


  • Place only bids for contracts you can complete in terms of content and in time.
  • Never try to start a negative price competition. Offer a fair price, which corresponds to your time expenditure.
  • Clarify all questions, especially regarding payment, content, and deadlines before applying for a contract.
  • Your bid must cover the entire order volume. Prices per page (or similar) are not permitted.

Accepting bids

  • Clarify all the details on the order (payment, deadline, qualification, etc.) before deciding for an expert.
  • Halte dich an vereinbarte (Zahlungs-) Fristen.
  • Notice, your opposite is also just a human. It is for example nothing unusual that If his or her answer takes a day or two from time to time.
Treat all users and us as a platform as fair as you want to be treated by others.
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