Make secure payments with MangoPay

MangoPay is the on integrated payment solution. Send and receive payments. Fast. Secure. Uncomplicated.

Secure payment of orders

MangoPay can be used to pay for placed orders. For this purpose, payments can be sent to hired experts after a contract has been awarded.

1. Place order

Place your order on, get bids and choose the best offer for you.

2. Pay your order

You can send payments to the appointed experts via the now available Workdesk. Depending on your agreement, send the entire agreed amount or make a deposit first.

3. Finish the order

After a security period of 30 days, the verified expert can pay off the money.
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Who is MangPay?

MangoPay is the specialist for digital trustee accounts and as a payment service provider already partner of over 1 500 platforms. MANGOPAY SA was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Leetchi SA and holds the "E-Money Issuer" license issued by the CSSF in Luxembourg and valid throughout the EU.

Offered payment methods

Advantages for clients

  • Uncomplicated payment after order placement
  • Secure and transparent payment process
  • Choose your favorite payment method
  • Pay a large or several small amounts
  • Use MangoPay free of charge

Advantages for experts

  • No manual exchange of payment information required
  • Receive money by means of various payment methods (credit card, GiroPay, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Create confidence and offer the secure MangoPay
  • MangoPay is free for you
  • Automatic payment of portal fees. Costs for the portal are only incurred when you receive payments.
  • If you are supporting MangoPay payments, this will appear in your profile.


In addition to the already rigorous expert verification by, a security check is also carried out by MangoPay in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud.

More information

General information

MangoPay is a new service. Therefore, only a small group of experts can use the offer. If you want to offer MangoPay at an early stage, feel free to e-mail us.

Clients recognize by the profile of an expert which payment methods he offers.

Mangopay verification

In order to be able to send and receive payments via MangoPay, personal details are required. The decisive factor here is the amount paid in or paid out per year.

To send payments up to 2 500,- Euro, general information are required. For larger deposits per year, a proof of identity is required.

To receive payments, extended information are required so as a copy of a valid identity card.
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