For clients / employers

The service offered by is absolutely free of charge for clients - regardless of whether you only register, create an writing job, or finally hire an expert.

If you choose to accept an offer, costs will be charged to the amount of the bid received. Those costs will be paid directly to the contracted expert. We do not receive any payments from you as client. remains customer-friendly and will remain free of charge for future customers! This allows clients to relax and search for a suitable service provider.

Registration Free
Basic fee Free
Create entry Free
Private entry Free
Find experts Free
Contact experts Free
Features entry (optional) 14,99 Euro inkl. MwSt.
Hidden costs None

For contractors

On, there is no fixed costs for experts who are looking for writing orders! It does not matter for how many orders you apply.

This eliminates any financial risk of using This platform is financed only by a mediation fee that experts pay when they actually accept a write request. This fee is 20% of the negotiated order value. It is only due when a client has accepted an offer, so the expert is awarded the bid for an auction. Without order no costs!

Registration Free
Basic fee Free
Verification Free
Contact clients Free
Make an offer Free
Successfully accept a job Mediation fee of 20 percent of the order value
Hidden costs None
On you can insert a writing job for free & without commitment and receive offers from verified text experts.
1Create a write job for free
2 Receive non-binding offers from verified experts
3Decide for the best offer