As an expert on

Can I also register as an expert if I want to look for new job from time to time? As an expert on

Yes, doesn't set any requirements on a minimum number of jobs you have to bid on.

I would like to take more commissions and increase my account limit. As an expert on

Your account limits increase automatically if you receive new contracts or good ratings and open invoices are paid punctually. If you need a wider scope beyond that, please contact our team.

Can I also withdraw my offer? As an expert on

Generally you can withdraw your offer until it is accepted by the client. In case you once misjudged a job description or you are blocked unexpectedly, try to clear the situation directly with your client. Usually you will come to a compromise.

How do I find writing jobs? As an expert on

In the upper section of the page you find the menu entry "Market" which gives you an overview of all currently listed entries. In the left section of the page you have the possibility to filter the job postings in advance by topics. In addition, you can use the search function at the top on the right to look for certain terms, which occur in the job postings.

Please note that you must be logged in with your verified and activated account to see all job postings.

What can I do to receive more jobs? As an expert on

It is important to complete your profile. Show your potential client, all your skills. Please note that it is necessary to clear all questions before you enter a bid. With that you avoid negative ratings. Apply specifically for tasks which correspond your focus. Make fair bid in relation to your focus, performance and expenditure of time.

Especially at the beginning it can take some trials to succeed. But just continue and try again, if it won't work on the first times.

What do I have to consider as an expert before starting the first job? As an expert on

Take care to clear all details concerning order processing and payment terms with the client. The more precisely you agree upon the processing and the topic the lower the risk of misunderstandings.

When do I get paid by the client? As an expert on is only a platform which establish contact between experts and clients. Neither the height of fees nor the point of time when the fee should be paid cannot be fixed by us. It is you who negotiate these terms with your client. Please, take care to clear all details concerning these questions before accepting orders. So you can avoid misunderstandings in these important points. Important are the total fee but also arrangements about part payments (for bigger jobs) or payment dates. Is it important to get a prepayment before you start the job or you work on a trust base? These are questions which you must clear with every client before every order.

How are the charges calculated? As an expert on

The charges depend on the amount of the accepted order values. You can find more precise information on our pricing page.

Why do I have a negative account limit, although I didn't accept any jobs? As an expert on

You can see your allowed account limit. It shows you how high the total amount of your open invoices may be before you are stopped placing new bids.

How much time do I have to pay the invoice of As an expert on

Please note the payment date which is shown in the invoice. Usually it comprises 7 days.

When do the fees become due? As an expert on

The commission fee becomes due immediately when you get awarded a contract. The correct invoice amount is indicated in your profile and in the invoice we send you via email. Please use the payment function in your profile or wire the amount to our bank account.

Do I have to pay taxes on my income? As an expert on

Income earned in Germany always has to be declared and will usually be taxed. Because of the complexity of the topic, we cannot offer any consultation to it. To avoid lacks of clarity ask an expert, tax consultant or your local tax authority.

What is the amount I should set for a bid? As an expert on

Concerning the prices doesn't make any specifications. Your bid should always depend on the work amount you expect for the job. Please note, that we block bids which are notable under the average of all other bids - so-called dumping bids.

What are dumping bids? As an expert on

By "Dumping bids" we summarize all offers which are too low compared to the amount of work to guarantee a fair hourly wage. Of course this is kind of subjective because we don't define minimum prices for ghostwriting, editing, proof-reading etc. We appeal therefore to all our members to set fair prices. If we are picked up on offers which have much too low prices, our team will deactivate them. For questions regarding the setting of prices our team is always in attendance on you.

Where do I find my invoices as an expert? As an expert on sends automatically the invoice as a pdf-document per email. In addition, you find in the menu item "invoices" an overview. Here you can download all your invoices as pdf-documents.

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