Auctions and placing orders

Do I need a ghostwriter, an editor, a proofreader or something completely different? Auctions and placing orders

Ghostwriter can help you with writing editors and proofreaders will do the proofreading and improving of written text. For finding the fitting expert who can fulfill your requirements describe your task precisely.

How can I create an entry and find the matching expert? Auctions and placing orders

To create an entry you find on the upper area of our website the button "Create writing job". On the following page you can describe your task, fix a starting and ending date and decide if the auction should take place public or only for verified contractors.

Your job will be shown immediately after you inserted it. Our experts get now the opportunity to place their bids

What means private auction? Auctions and placing orders

A private marked auction differs on an important point from a public auction. For one thing the job description can only be seen by verified experts. And for another we direct search engines with a "NoIndex" attribute to not index these entries.

What do I have to consider before I accept a bid? Auctions and placing orders

Please check if all relevant questions are clarified before you accept a bid. The description for the job needs to be precisely, so the author is able to estimate the work amount. Check the profiles of the experts you get offers from and think about who has the best qualification for carrying out your task. Note the evaluation, which was given by former clients.

Payment arrangement are also very important to be clarified before. Not only concerning the amount of the fee but also the time: before or after – maybe in partial amounts – during job processing?Accept a bid only when you received clarification about all important points.For further inquiries you can address to team any time.

What do I have to pay attention to for selecting an expert? Auctions and placing orders

To find the best expert for your job you should consider more criteria than only the cheapest price. Very important for instance is the qualification of the expert. Is he enough qualified to handle the job properly?

Please note: If you pay less and the quality declines accordingly, it could happen that the finished result does not match your expectations.

With the help of the expert's profile you can get the first overview about his qualifications. You can see, e.g. whether it is an expert with academic degree and which technical focus he has. To what extent this corresponds to the demands of your text, you can judge best.

Another criterion is e.g. the rating/valuation the expert already got from former clients. If you find good feedback on his profile, you will feel better commissioning the expert.Notice especially the criteria which are important for you e.g. the communication while processing or observing the deadlines.

Do I have to award a contract after I created an entry? Auctions and placing orders

No, if you don't find a fitting offer, you can stop your auction or keep waiting until it expires. You never get charged when you don't award the contract.

What happens if I don't get any bids to my auction? Auctions and placing orders

If you don't find a fitting expert in the specified period, your tender will expire automatically without awarding a contract. You will not be charged. But you can also extend the auction for free to keep the chance for further offers.

My auction disappeared. What can I do? Auctions and placing orders

First check if the duration of the auction already ended. For this purpose go to the menu option "My auctions" and check if you can find your auction here. If it's not there, try to check the link we sent you in the confirmation email when you inserted the job. If you can't find it or you get displayed that it doesn't exist any longer please contact us per phone or email.

What kind of entries I'm not allowed to advertise? Auctions and placing orders

All entries have to refer to text production. Every other area which leaves this field is not allowed to be advertised.

What kind of entries I can advertise? Auctions and placing orders

On our internet platform you can find experts for all kind of writing tasks. The entries refer to academic texts, business speeches, application letters, private memoirs and so on.

Why I don't get any bids? Auctions and placing orders

If you don't get any bids for some days you should check your entry again. Is it precise enough to show interested experts a good picture of the task? Before you get binding offers, experts will send you often questions about the job using private messages. Maybe there are still some unanswered questions of some authors concerning your auction. Of course, you can become active and invite experts as well. In addition, it is also possible to give special visibility to your auction by marking it as a top-auction.

Why I can't change the deadline of the auction? Auctions and placing orders

You can revise the auction period as long as the auction is active. If the auction has been finished once, you cannot change the term any more. In this case you have to create a new entry.

The auction term must be at least 7 and at the most 30 days. If you choose a shorter or longer term the date will automatically alter.

What means top or featured auction or entry? Auctions and placing orders

Top auctions get a higher visibility for the experts. They were shown on top and highlighted in color.

How long does it take until the top auction is shown? Auctions and placing orders

It can take some minutes or hours until your auction is marked as a top auction. For one thing it depends on the payment provider and how long it takes to confirm the payment. Secondly our system needs some time to change the auction and refresh the view. If your auction is after two hours still not marked as top auction please contact our team.

How long does it take until I receive bids? Auctions and placing orders

If you create an order it will be online directly. Usually you get the first questions and bids during the first day.

How long is my auction is shown as top auction? Auctions and placing orders

Your auction will be emphasized at least for 14 days.

How long does it take for the expert to finish my job? Auctions and placing orders

This question cannot be answered generally. The duration of the order processing depends on the task, the extent of the text, already existing research findings, complexity of subject area and some other factors. The experts will communicate to you how long they will need for the order exactly before you award the contract.

How can I invite experts? Auctions and placing orders

To invite experts you only have to got in your auction and click to the button "find and invite experts". Here you can search for experts, filter by thematic focus and send automatically an invitation to the resulting authors.

I can't find the right category for my entry Auctions and placing orders

We try to provide as many categories as needed. The number of possibilities makes it impossible to represent all thematic areas well. If your entry doesn't fit in one category, please use the category "other".

How can I edit my entry? Auctions and placing orders

To edit details of your order log in and go to "My auctions" -> "Running auctions". You can choose the appropriate auction and click on "edit".

Where do I find my auctions? Auctions and placing orders

When you are logged in, you can find in the menu "My auctions". Here you see all your entries. You find also the submenus "all auctions", "running auctions" and "ended auctions".

My auction expired. Why can't I accept an offer? Auctions and placing orders

Bids can only be accepted until the expiration date is reached. If you want to accept an offer of an already ran out auction, you have to recreate the entry and invite the particullar expert following the button "find and invite an expert" to draw his attention to your new auction. The expert can place an offer which you can accept now.

How much time do I have to accept an offer? Auctions and placing orders

You can accept bids as long as your auction runs. If you don't receive fitting bids, it is also possible to extend the period.

I received a bid. Are there any extra cost coming along? Auctions and placing orders

No, the bids which you get through includes already all fees for the order.

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