Interaction between members

Is it possible to communicate with an expert before I award the contract? Interaction between members

Yes, before awarding a contract you have at any time the opportunity to write messages to and receive messages from experts.

We automatically inform you by email about new messages. The questions which might be asked concerning your auction are usually private messages, and can only be read by you and the addressed expert.

If an auction is concluded successfully and you have decided upon an expert, we send to both parties the contact data by e-mail. Depending on what you have set before for this case you will get the e-mail address, phone or mobile number etc.

I'm not satisfied with the work results. What can I do? Interaction between members

Should it happen once that you aren't satisfied with the service of an expert commissioned by you, it is advisable to examine firstly what could have been the reason. What has led to it? Maybe there was not enough communication from the beginning on, particularly during the processing phase? Was the description of the job detailed enough? It is important to show factually to the expert the points of your dissatisfaction and try together to clear the situation. Sometimes misunderstandings lead to wrong results which can still be corrected afterwards.

What can I do if the commissioned expert doesn't answer any more? Interaction between members

Provide the expert with enough time to answer your messages and to work on your order. If you don't get any reaction for several days please contact us via phone or email.

Can I meet my expert or call him? Interaction between members

Before you award a contract to an expert please clear all important details for the order processing. This includes also the readiness of the expert for personal contact. After awarding the auction you receive the contact information, phone number and email address, of the expert by our portal.

How can I find an expert fastly? Interaction between members

You can find experts faster if you upgrade your auction to a top auction or invite experts directly. Also, a good precise description will help you find the appropriate expert faster.

Who can read my messages? Interaction between members

Your private messages can only be read by and the contacted member.

How do I recognize private messages? Interaction between members

You recognize private messages by the fact that they have a sender and recipient.

How can I send documents to my expert? Interaction between members

If you found the appropriate expert and commissioned him, you are able to send him documents. As you receive the contact details after the order awarding, it is possible to an exchange of documents by email or after arrangement also on postal way. To simplify the exchange of files, offers you a simple work desk view through which you can exchange files also directly on the portal.

Where I can find my messages? Interaction between members

You find your messages under the main menu "messages".

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