Security and privacy

Why should I award a contract always through Security and privacy helps to find a ghostwriter, editor or proofreader. And for you as a customer it is free of any charge.

If you award a contract through, you get the security that you find professional experts. All experts on are vetted and verified individually by us. We not only check identity but also qualification. Only when we're absolutely sure we activate an account.

Orders which are processed through the portal are saved in the system and will be awarded officially on the agreed conditions. So no contracting partner can later claim something else.

In addition, you can find ratings and experience reports of other customers. Of course, you can also share your experience with an expert after a completed collaboration.Beyond that we offer you the opportunity to check your received text up to 5x with a professional plagiarism check and to receive an extensive report per e-mail.

Of course, we also stay at the side for questions before and after placing the order as a neutral contact.

Can everybody see my personal data? Security and privacy

Nobody can see your personal data. Only when you get in contact with an expert you decide how you want to get in touch and which of your data should be visible for this concrete person. Excepting your e-mail there are no other mandatory information needed in your client profile.

Which guarantee do I have that my order will be completed? Security and privacy

Usually the experts on work commercially or even full-time. A bad or not completed job would directly lead to a negative rating or even to a disqualification of We as the platform operators, provide a set of securities and use all technical possibilities to offer the best protection to your interests. Every expert is vetted by us and obliged to verify his account. So you can always be sure with whom you are in contact.

All ratings which an expert received till now can be seen by every one. In the experts profile you find his qualification and the proofs he provides for that.

We recommend additionally to agree with the experts about instalment payments. We recommend that specially for bigger amounts. You can define time frames to fix stages. E.g. you transfer the first instalment before the beginning, next after end of a defined inter step etc. Thus, you can see the progress and the writing style, before you transfer the whole amount. Nevertheless, this is something that you must agree on directly with the expert. We don't have influence on it.

We as a platform provider try in any case hard to keep the security and the buyer's protection at the highest level possible. If you have proposals for improvements, don't hesitate to contact. We are glad about your feedback.

Is my data secure? Security and privacy

We pay attention particularly to the security of personal data. These are only visible for the person who really needs them, for the expert you finally selected. And also only in the extent which you determine. An uncontrolled examination of other people is not possible. guarantees not to transmit your data to a third party, and accepts strictly the rules of data protection. To guarantee the greatest possible data protection, however, it still needs the cooperation of each member. For example take care to provide in your job descriptions only such information which is relevant to show the extent and the content demands of your request.

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