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Find Writing jobs a portal on which clients and the contractors of writing jobs can find each other. The contractors are verified experts, who act, depending on the order, as ghostwriters, provide proofreading or offer other required help in writing. As a ghostwriter, authors write texts according to the specifications of the client. Good ghostwriters have a structured way of working and a careful writing style. In this context, ghostwriting also means that the authors can not only write but, ideally, have specialist knowledge in certain areas and can verify them with an academic degree. With one or more area of studies, the chances for new orders as an expert increase.

Become a verified expert on

In order to find jobs as an expert on the portal, a registration and verification is required. These processes are completely free of charge. You can register as an expert by clicking on the button "Register for free". If you register as an expert, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and can start filling out your profile right away. With the subsequent verification, experts are then given the opportunity to bid on auctions and writing orders.

While the verification process, we will wire a small amount to your bank account. The wire reference will contain a unique code. This code is then entered by the expert into the relevant form. Thus, it is confirmed that the registered expert is also the person he pretends to be. After checking the information, the account is unlocked and the expert is verified.

In addition to our verification, the experts' qualifications are reviewed. These may be universal degrees, testimonials or letters of recommendation. The proofs of the corresponding qualifications are only used to verify the information and will never used for any other purpose by without the permission from the owner. No confidential data will be disclosed to third parties. Only if a client engages an expert, the contact details between these members are exchanged. The qualification details and corresponding proofs can be uploaded in the profile.

Find the right jobs on

After successful verification, the experts on can easily find writing jobs. The contracts include the writing, editing and proofreading of texts such as biografies or ebooks. There are several ways to find jobs. Follow the button "Find orders" directly on the homepage in the upper section. This leads you to an an overview of the current orders. If you are an expert, you can search for specific jobs by setting the search terms at the top of the page to. Another option is to arrange the existing orders according to deadlines or categories. In order to receive orders, an informative profile is recommended for the experts, in addition to good ratings resulting from good work and satisifed customers. With a well-filled profile, potential clients can better assess whether the expert is suitable for the desired job.

On you can insert a writing job for free & without commitment and receive offers from verified text experts.
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