Copywriters write texts within the field of advertisement and marketing. They transform information into texts, which address potential customers and motivate them to take action. Copywriters have specific expertise and can write even more than only appealing slogans.

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A copywriter is an author of texts, which are of the advertising kind. Here we are talking not only about advertising slogans, but also about texts, which address the reader and motivate him to take to certain actions, such as buying the advertised product or subscribing to the mentioned newsletter. The task of an advertising copywriter or marketing copywriters can cover thereby also brochures or web content. As opposed to authors who only present and prepare the information, the specialization of copywriters lies, however, in the fact that they take into account the target group of the texts, and arrange the text in such a way that it triggers the actions wished by the client.

Copywriter or Ghostwriter

Many companies hire ghostwriters or copywriters for the writing of brochures, fliers or newsletters. The difference between the two is a shallow one because both write order texts. In contrast to authors, they step into the background as authors of the text and remain anonymous. Ghostwriters offer to write articles, help students at writing their graduation papers or offer help in the writing of a biography.

Copywriters, on the other side, are specialized in texts, which have an advertising character. They can support companies as advertising copywriters, marketing copywriters, technical copywriters, financial copywriters or web copywriters. For companies, which want outsource the writing tasks, it is advisable to first clarify which character should the texts have. If it concerns texts whose goal is to inform, then a Ghostwriter is recommended, and in the case of advertising texts, a copywriter.

Many ghostwriters also work as copywriters and also many copywriters have experience in writing purely informative or scientific texts. Someone who is looking for the suitable copywriter is advised to review the work samples of the Copywriters.

What Services Does a Copywriter Offer?

Copywriters write texts of all kinds. Depending upon their experience and specialization, they offer the writing of ads, slogans, brochures, fliers, press releases or sales letters. In the online world, copywriters assume the task of writing newsletters, landing pages or other web texts. Beside the typical advertising texts, copywriters can also assume the task of developing product names or meaningful headlines. A further area, which overlaps with that of ghostwriting, is the writing of articles directed to a target group - for the corporate blog or the homepage.

Advantages of a Copywriter

A copywriter motivates potential customers with his texts. Good texts in information brochures, product descriptions or newsletters ensure a positive image of the enterprise to the customer. Therefore, it is usually quite common for large companies to hire ghostwriters or copywriters, who provide high-quality texts fast. For companies, which do not have their own marketing department, copywriters have the advantage of producing attractive texts in spite of that. Besides, they save the time, which employees who are not specifically trained in writing, would have to invest into this task. Especially in the case of online texts, what matters is not only a beautiful language; a professional copywriter has knowledge of SEO, which leads to the fact that homepages are better found by the customers.

This is the Key in Copywriting

For the occupation as copywriter there is no established training. Many have an academic degree, which, however, is not a compelling condition in order to write good and creative texts. Good copywriters also have, apart from creativity, discipline, because they must comply with fixed briefing templates and deadlines.

Professional copywriters can get to the heart of complex information, making it understandable, and to convey the customers the benefits of using a certain product. A good example is that of financial copywriters, who can present complex financial products in such a way that customers feel addressed. Companies, which are looking for a suitable copywriter, can get an impression of the style of the writer through work samples. Good copywriters can transmit information and content in their texts and, at the same time, ensure the fact that the text is written in such a way, that it doesn't bore the readers.

Copywriters at

The portal offers ghostwriting for all kinds of texts. Companies can find the suitable copywriter for their texts on the portal. The authors from the portal are verified experts and clients can read reference texts of the experts on This makes the decision easier, on whether the style and technical knowledge correspond to the desired standard. Through an auction, the verified experts for every text can be found. These experts offer different price suggestions for the order, so that the price structuring can be optimally planned. In addition to this, the platform also offers a translation service for translations to Spanish and to French.

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