How does work? will be the largest market place on the Internet for all text-related work orders. On you can manually assign all kinds of text assignments to qualified and verified authors.

Share functions very easily. You register, describe your text assignment, receive non-binding offers, compare all authors, so-called "Writer", on the basis of price, qualification and references and you can afterwards decide for the best offer. As soon as you have hired a Writer, you transfer the price, for which you have agreed on the platform. The Writer then begins with the treatment of your order. At the end of co-operation you can evaluate the Writer.

What differentiates from other text portals?

In contrast to most other portals, only verified authors are approved on, who already have extensive experience in working in professional text production. We dedicate our greatest effort to manually and extensively examine each application. Thus, we guarantee that each order is worked on at the best quality.

Through the high quality and the strict admission criteria, a wide range of specialist areas can be found on

How much does cost?

The use of the portal is for clients and for contractors primarily free of charge. Only if an order is successfully assigned, we charge a fee, which is measured proportionally to the order value and is included in the fee of the authors.

Quality will be fairly remunerated. This is obvious on For this reason, we dissociate ourselves very clearly from word prices of 3, 4, 5 cent and less. This allows us to guarantee that professional authors receive a fair income, but above all, also that work can be done by the authors with the necessary commitment and time dedication.

Moreover, a division of the quality levels in on to five stars or any similar one, does not occur in our case. All authors on earn at least six stars. In order for us to durably maintain this quality level, minimum prices are defined on the market place, which cannot be fallen short of. Beyond that we make no specifications and we make sure thats clients and contractors are completely free in the management of the offer.

Which kinds of text work can I assign on

On all kinds of text orders can be assigned. Since exclusively professional authors have access to the market place, all imaginable texts in all the imaginable fields can formatted, corrected, proofread, researched and also formulated.

The three large categories are: Academic, Content and Creative & Journalism.

Orders in the Academic category refer to academic Ghostwriting and scientific work in general. These include supporting activities, such as the research for suitable literature on the Internet or in libraries, the correction and the proofreading, but also the complete production of academic work.

In the Content category high quality articles for blogs, websites and much more will be at home. Unique content, created by professional authors in fair conditions. An automatic connection to Wordpress & Co allows a smooth integration of the contents developed to your blog.

Finally, under the Creative & Journalism category, all further work and associated activities can be integrated. Biographies, technical and special books, novels, stories, poems, letters and much more.

What comes next

In the following weeks, we will announce further details and features. Stay tuned.

When does start?

It's done when it's done.

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