The term Ghostwriter refers to the actual author of a work which is subsequently published and marketed under a different name. It can be said in general terms that a ghostwriter has been working on behalf of another as an author, and will remain anonymous.

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What is the difference between plagiarism and a ghostwriter text?

The result of a ghostwriter contract must be distinguished from simple plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to a text or part of a text including an unmarked adoption that contains other people's ideas or formulations. Using search engines, plagiarism can usually be exposed in a matter of seconds, like what happened in the recent past in a number of academic dissertations.

By contrast, a ghostwriter provides something unique, and therefore as desired a new and solid scientific work. To "be busted" is therefore virtually impossible. This aspect is essential to those who are working, but wish to have a university degree or doctorate as a goal.

Why do so many writers want to be Ghostwriters?

For many whose strong passion is writing, ghostwriting provides a pleasant working atmosphere. Ghostwriters generally work independently from home or in an inspiring environment for them. This may include libraries, beautiful cafes or even your own home or your own office. Authors who enjoy composing term papers, dissertations, or theses should think about trying to get involved in this industry. To write texts professionally and to devote yourself to being a professional ghostwriter also means a continuing mental development, ranging from simple text to complex theses.

With independence comes, besides writing, the duty of finding new customers on a regular basis. The fixed employment contracts with an agency, a publisher or something similar are hard-fought. A freelancer at a ghostwriter agency, which makes its money trying to solicit business and distribute it to employees or freelancing ghostwriters, is the second choice. A significant part of the "purchase price" will be retained as agency fees and never reaches the actual text author. So not only is the price for the customer unnecessarily increased, but also many skilled ghostwriters are forced to offer their work at a very low hourly rate.

Are ghostwriters just there in order to cheat?

No, ghostwriting has taken a firm place in the writing industry. Every day, large amounts of texts go on sale, published online and in print. Starting with magazines, periodicals, books and scientific publications. The need for skilled ghostwriters in all sectors is enormous. Ghostwriters are not just there to let themselves be used for writing term papers or to edit the bachelor theses.

Today almost no biography or life history in the bookshop is written without one or a whole team of ghostwriters that worked on it. Institutions and corporations also rely on skillful writers who formulate presentations and reports appropriately. Not to mention newspapers, which have a need for new products daily and thus have the opportunity to purchase these as needed. In particular, when making up scientific reports, academic ghostwriters are welcomed.

Generally are ghostwriters and ghostwriting also interesting for individuals who need to write a text but are unable to find the perfect beginning. A complete text can also be used as a template to create an overview of how a particular issue can be addressed. Whether it is the right speech for a wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion, it is advisable to get assistance from experienced copywriters. A large part represents the academic ghostwriting of term papers, which helps students to approach specific themes and create templates for complex scientific work.

Is the ghostwriter occupation "difficult"?

A professional ghostwriter attracts the prospect of being able to choose the working hours and place of work freely. For this purpose, it is tempting to have the chance to be able to familiarize themselves repeatedly in various subject areas. In times where laptops have maturities of 10 hours, there is hardly a place where you can not settle for one working day.

Of course the professional ghostwriting clearly differs from the private writings. Even if one has fun with writing, the difference becomes clear when it nears the deadline, as writing changes from fun and becomes more of a stress factor. Moreover, as a ghostwriter, an obvious great distance must be kept from the words written. On one hand, it is important to deliver work that pleases the customer, which can be different from one's own imagination. On the other hand, you have to accept that customers reap the glory of the delivered work.

A ghostwriter should have a structured way of working, a quick mind and a rapid, yet meticulous writing style. If this is not the case, even minor works will take forever to complete and the hourly wage will go to the bottom. In addition, of course, comes the self-discipline, the self-independence to meet deadlines and appointments and to be able to motivate themselves on their own accord.

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