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How Writeree works

You are looking for an author for your book, roman or auto-biografy? You need assistant writing your thesis and want to hire an academic ghostwriter? Or are you running a blog and need regularly new, well-written, unique content?

Just insert a job on Writeree, get hundreds of offers from verified experts, compare your offers by price, expirience and ratings. Once you are satisfied with one offer, hire the expert and see how your job get's done!

Writeree will be the biggest marketplace for high-quality authors and texts in the world!

How to become a Writeree you ask?

We're happy to see you want to become a Writeree. To create the most high-quality marketplace for all text-works in the world, we need to verify all prospective authors. We do that by confirming your identity and checking your experience in dealing with high-quality texts.

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Information for Applicants

All of our current positions are advertised regularly on Bundesagentur für Arbeit, various job markets and BIAMU.de. Please send us your complete application documents via e-mail or directly via the job board BIAMU.de.

We are also pleased to receive convincing unsolicited applications at any time in the fields of web development, web design, app development, marketing, SEO & office organisation.


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